• Everybody Needs A Hug-DEMO1:15

Other Credits Include

San Diego Zoo CD - w/Wayne Nelson from Little River Band (singing)

Panasonic w/Little Caesar’s Pizza Children’s Educational
“Fraction Pizza” DVD
(Animated Character Voice Overs)
Sea World Shows
(Narrator & Character Voice Overs)
Wayne Nelson
(Little River Band Vocalist/Producer) Studio Vocals
Tom Scott
(Jazz Musician/Conductor/Producer) LIVE Vocals
Scholarship Audition Performance Prep. Acad.
(Website Voice Overs)
(Producer/Writer/Actor for Website Commercials & Podcast)

Best Life Media (Website, Film for United Nations, DVD Voice Overs)
Dawn Yoga
(Website, Film Narrator, Animated Character Voices)
Humane Society PSA
(Voice Over)
Yavapai Broadcasting
(Commercials & Character Voice Overs)
Red Rock Channel 16
(TV & Website Voice Overs)

Sedona Now Channel 18 (Voice Overs)

Hot Flashes On the Trail - (2 woman musical-ALL Music, Lyrics)

Horse Tales & Cowboy Trails Children's Musical - (ALL Music & Lyrics)

Greed Incorporated - Music & Lyrics (Producer/Arranger and created Music Video)

Little Chicks Of Featherland Theme Song - Music & Lyrics (Producer/Arranger) 

The Mouth Project - Delta Dental (All Music, Lyrics, Music Dir. for stage & TV feature)

Gilda Radner Awards Cancervive Org. theme song (Music, Vocals, Prod.)

Sea World LIVE Children Shows (Music, Lyrics, Vocals)

Southwest Children Theatre Tour (Composed 10 songs - Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

Humane Society Commercial & PSA & theme song (Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

Experience Yourself Women's Retreat (Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

​Walking Free PSA Against Sex Trafficking theme song (Music, Lyrics, Vocals)

Nu-Vision Awesome Animals Children's Vitamins (Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

USO San Diego 1991 Troops Return Home Parade (Music & Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

Regional Theatre Production - A Woman's Hand  (Music & Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

Wesley Clark Campaign Song  (Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

Keep Sedona Beautiful (38 yr. Org.) theme song (Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

Center for Positive Living theme song (Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

Yavapai Radio- Prickly Tickler's Cowboy Show (Music, Lyrics, Vocals)

Health is Your Wealth Radio Show (Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

Wheel of Misfortune Children's Show (Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

Sedona Chamber of Commerce -regional commercial (Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

Andy Tomlinson Wealth Management Group (Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Prod.)

  • Wheel Of Misfortune-DEMO1:19

Songwriting Credits 

 SONG EXAMPLES from projects

​​​​​​​​​​​Shondra is a registered BMI artist as Shondra Music. She is a versatile songwriter with her 100 originals in her catalogue which include genres from Rock, Pop, Country Rock, Blues, Power Ballads Themes & Anthems and Inspirational Pop tunes. 

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