"Working with Shondra was an absolute dream! Through her various coaching techniques during my role as Gabe Goodman in "Next to Normal," I was able to find

"I am enjoying and getting so much out of my performance coaching sessions with Shondra, a Sedona Treasure of the Arts. I would not be where I am now without your caring, energetic and heartful guidance."

professional actor and coach privately. Being an aspiring actress in a small town, I knew I needed someone who understood and was still working the industry. Shondra was able to give me the guidance and coaching to enable me to continue with my passion and pursue it long term. She taught me how to work and prepare to work on monologues, songs and characters. With her help, I auditioned for acting conservatories in London, New York and Los Angeles, and landed a place at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in the Big Apple. Having just finished my first year at the Academy, I truly believe that this opportunity wouldn't have been possible without the intensive coaching of the wonderful, the magnificent: Shondra Jepperson."

Jojo Cottle

2nd Yr. student Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC

"After a devastating childhood experience singing in the church choir, my voice fell silent for the next 40 years. Every time I tried to sing, I was the brunt of family jokes. 

More photos of Shondra's students.

"I worked under Shondra's excellent guidance for five years, and what a tremendous experience it was. She laid the groundwork for me when I started with her at age ten, and 

As time passed, my fear of singing, especially in public, only grew. Tired of being gripped by fear, I faced it head-on and began voice lessons with Shondra. Within two months, she had me on stage in her church singing a solo! I now sing weekly in that small church choir. My greatest fear has  been transformed into one of my most enjoyable past times. As for those critical family members, I shocked them all with the surprise performance at my daughter’s wedding in Hawaii singing Over the Rainbow while playing ukulele! Now we all sing and play music every time we get together!"

Connie Avery

Supervising Manager w/Gore Industries

Musician, Drummer

                                  "Shondra is a total gem in                                        our community! She is an                                      amazingly  talented                                                 musician and performer,                                       and has helped so many people come alive through power of the arts! Through her guidance, I have become a more present and confidant artist who is willing to take risks, be bold, and express my most authentic self. I highly recommend her to any musician or performer who wants to take their art to the next level ! "

Adalia Tara, Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist

"It’s great to have Shondra’s help in how to find the songs best for me that fit my voice and how to perform it on stage. It’s fun to work with her!"

Besides Shondra's own private coaching practice, she along with her creative partner Dev Ross, co-founded Sedona Youth Theatre in 2005. It continues to be a popular intensive Improv workshop both in the summer and winter months for children from the ages of 10 to 18.

Lazor Lanson
Winner of No. AZ's Got Talent & Cottonwood Idol​

She coaches to her students’ needs in the moment. Working with Shondra over time enabled my authentic self to shine through in my leadership. By enabling me to relax more in the pulpit, gifts of the spirit are able to rise up, spontaneously."

​Rev. Glenn C. Farley

​Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

the realization that I AM a beautiful and talented woman, allowed me to excel and to not only become Ms Senior Arizona 2016, but to also receive awards for, Best Talent, Best Philosophy of Life and Most elegant. What I gained from working with Shondra is something that I will have forever and that is priceless!! Thank you Shondra for everything!"

Jeanne Martin,
​Ms. Sr. Arizona 2016

Singer, Musician at Blazin' M Ranch

 "Shondra was beyond amazing to work with! She took time to get to know me and what I needed to work on in order to perform my best.  She hightened my abilities 

new depth to my character as well as improve my vocal quality. Shondra found my strengths and weaknesses quickly and gave me many tips to improve on both. Her eye for reading emotion on stage is spot on, and the vocal techniques she showed me improved my ability to sing tremendously. On top of this, Shondra was an absolute pleasure to work with at every stage! She always genuinely cared about my success."

Andrew Lloyd

"Next to Normal" & "Footloose" 

Mingus Union High School

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"Shondra has helped my son go from being terrified to be on stage to loving it and winning both the Cottonwood Idol and Northern Arizona’s Got Talent singing competitions and singing in 

Singer SongWriter • recording artist • ACTOR • PRODUCER • COACH

Ethan Miller

"Next to Normal" & "Footloose"

Mingus Union High School

"I first met Shondra when I was 15 years old. I had just moved from Chicago where I was working with a personal acting coach and was looking to continue working with a 

"Shondra Jepperson is a consummate performer; she has seen it all and done it all over her long career. Her genius is that she meets her students where they are.

Superstar, Rising Star & Cottonwood Idols

Shondra's former students attending acting conservatories and working professionally in the music and acting business.

"Shondra helped me to truly understand a lot of things that were keeping me from attaining the things in this life that I really wanted. The confidence that I gained and 

Shondra is a singing, acting, voice over and stage performance coach with her own private practice for the past 25 years. Her clients include children and adults of all ages, professional and non-professionals who have the desire to learn and broaden their singing & acting skills. She also offers assistance with auditions for plays, musicals, conservatories and guidance with competing in contests and pageants. 

She is also a life coach speaking and performing her concerts for organizations, conferences & retreats and holding her own workshops on self esteem called Showing Up BIG and Finding Your Voice.

Students have the advantage of being coached by a master teacher who is also a life coach and a working singer, actor, musician and producer with expertise from 39 years of professional experience performing on stages, sets, studios. 

Many of her students have enjoyed success from her guidance and are now professionals with acting and music careers, She also coaches professionals and non-professionals for singing & acting auditions, conservatory & school entries, contests, and pageants.​​

Voice and acting sessions include:

Voice placement

Proper breathing skills 

Breath, pitch and tone support


Voice projection

Stylizations & interpretation skills 

Performance skills

Cold reading skills (acting)

Life coaching for goal setting and confidence building


Business skills and knowledge​​

Larry Rosenberg
The Growing Up Larry Show


the lessons remain in my heart to this day, now 20 years old and continuing my pursuit in Los Angeles! Over the course of those five years Shondra coached me on monologue development, voice over work, improv, stage presence, and even breathing technique. Not only does she teach about the craft, but also about the business side and how to handle everything that comes with being a working artist. It was a fantastic crash course and completely opened my eyes to the world of performing. It's one thing to have a great coach, but Shondra has been and still is a very talented WORKING actor herself and so she is constantly bringing new ideas to her teaching. Her energy is electric and being taught by her is so much fun. I truly recommend her to any aspiring artist."

Jule Johnson

Working Actor in Los Angeles

"Shondra is the person who helped me find the voice I never knew I had."

theater. He always comes back from lessons more vibrant & full of his life force.  It has given him confidence which overflows into other areas of life including basic communication with others. Her guidance & enthusiasm brings out the best in my child & has opened doors for him that otherwise may never have been explored."

Lori Zeltwanger PT Advanced Release Therapy
Lazor Lanson's mom, 

with vocal training, character development, blocking, and so many other aspects of acting.  Not only did she delineate her vast amount of knowledge and experience, She was always so patient with me and helped me overcome any obstacles or areas I had trouble with and she was so much fun to work with.  It's safe to say that without Shondra, I would have never made it this far. She has pushed me to be better and to find my talents. I highly recommend her teachings. She truly can transform anyone into an amazing performer."

Kaylee Gordon,

"Footloose" at Mingus Union High