"Shondra's latest CD album I AM is a treasure. Her lively style and thought provoking words add to the spiritual dimension of the work itself. The originality of the songs is deeply profound and moving. My heart was touched when her partner in life and in work Tom Jepperson sang a duet, Thru It All. Tom & Shondra were my Directors of Music for over 25 years and it was an honor and a privilege to work with this amazing couple. I highly recommend this CD Album for a wonderful experience of uplifting original lyrics and talent that is awe inspiring!"

Dr. Sharron Stroud
inner-Faith Spiritual Center Worldwide

​​INSIDE FIRE is a contemporary Rock CD full of passionate songs which reflect a retro 80's, 90's sound. Several of these songs have had air play s in CA and have been featured tunes for events.

Theme Songs

  • Back on the Market-DEMO1:12

"I AM  has it all: ballads, chants, music you can dance to! Shondra never fails to amaze and inspire. I am grateful every day to have her as the music director at Center for Positive Living Sedona. Her energy, enthusiasm and faith are contagious and felt in her music. I highly recommend this CD."

Rev. Janet Kingsley
Center for Positive Living Sedona

  • I Am-Demo1:16
  • I Am One With Everything Around Me-Demo1:14
  • I Am Wealthy (The Prosperity Song)-Demo1:01
  • I Let Go & I Let God-Demo1:08
  • Angels Were Guiding The Ride-Demo1:24
  • I Am So-Demo1:19
  • We Can Survive-Demo1:17
  • Thru It All-Demo1:20
  • Victorious-Demo1:40
  • The Children's Anthem-Demo1:25
  • Let The Spirit Sustain Me-Demo1:36
  • That's Alright With Me-Demo0:52
  • I Am The Lucky One (Bonus Track)-Demo1:37

"I LOVE this ​​album! It speaks to my heart & my soul. The lyrics are healing, inspiring, full of Divine Truth and Love, I feel renewed within my energy every time I listen! How does it get any better than that? Shondra's Light and Purpose shine through brilliantly. I am so grateful to have Shondra brought forward in my life! Working with her collaboratively is a joy and her friendship is an absolute blessing!"

Rev. Bonnie Wirth
B.Msc. Speaker/Writer/Radio Host

  • Walking Free-DEMO0:55

Country Songs

"Great record! Once again Shondra comes through with interesting nuanced songs that anyone can enjoy! Thanks Shondra!"

Bruce Fraser
Sedona Videos​

  • Awesome Animals-JINGLE0:50

​​​SHONDRA CDS  & demos 

I AM and Inside Fire feature a total of 25 songs from her catalogue of originals. Both CDs are available on  iTunes and can also be ordered by emailing Shondra here. Scroll down for more song demos of other genres and styles.

"Shondra is a mover and shaker. WHILE connecting deep within and helping others do the same. Her resonance grabs you and her music inspires you. See her perform in person! And then get her CDs to recapture all of the beautiful and rich nuances in her voice. You will thoroughly enjoy her!"

Dr. Jan Viafora
Mountain Dove Healing Center

  • Inside Fire-Demo1:04
  • Rebel In My Heart-Demo1:07
  • Headed For A Meltdown-Demo1:01
  • I'm Not Your 2nd Hand Clothes-Demo1:02
  • When I Go-Demo1:01
  • Too Hot To Handle-Demo1:18
  • Stranger In My Mind-Demo0:58
  • In The Blink Of An Eye-Demo0:50
  • Rock n' Roll Car-Demo1:05
  • I Am So-Demo1:19
  • American Born-Demo1:17

"Shondra's music is lyrically profound and in line with spiritual truth. Also simple memorable melodies that are easy to sing along. For these reasons i give I AM a thumbs up!"

Eddie Watkins Jr. 
Singer Songwriter, Recording Artist

Animation Character Songs

Theatrical Show Tunes 

"Shondra is a Sedona Icon and television peronality who has captured the hearts and souls of her countless dedicated fans for well over a decade. She is the quintessential performer, musician, songwriter, TV host, actor and star. Shondra is a beautiful and brilliant - a one tow three punch! You go girl!"

Terrie Frankel
Best Selling Author, Composer, Speaker

  • Everybody Needs A Hug-DEMO1:15

  • Wheel Of Misfortune-DEMO1:19


  • Experience Yourself-DEMO1:04

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Shondra writes Music & Lyrics for ALL genres. Here are a few examples.

(For Rock, Power Ballads & Inspirational genres demo CDs above.)

I AM is a compilation of Inspirational Pop originals which include energetic tunes of joy, positivity, & release, affirmative chants and heartfelt introspective power ballads. Many of these tunes are published in the International Unity Song Books.

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