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Saturday, Sept. 26th 2015

WOW!!! I am filled with JOY, SURPRISE in the BEST way and feel such gratitude! Tom & I emceed The Humane Society of Sedona's big Gala Fundraiser tonight at The Enchantment. After dinner, the program began with their new public service announcement film in which I did the voice over and wrote a song for HSS and then afterwards, I picked up my guitar and sang my new original, 
"I Wanna Go Home." 
A BIG thank you to my dear friend and creative partner Kenny Star of Star Tracks Recording Studio who recorded both the my voice over and the song. He did this as a gift to HSS and all of us are truly grateful to him for his talents.
I have gifted the use of this song, including any download sales of it to HSS as they wish it to be their theme song. I've not announced this until right now since the Director Mark Thompson and Marketing Director Adele O'Connor and I had made a pact to keep the song under wraps until after this evening's event. They will be posting the PSA and the song up on their site including here on Facebook. I'll be posting the song and film up as well after the weekend. the end of the evening, Adele and Mark presented to me a knock down gorgeous award with the lyrics of my song. I am still in shock! WOWZA!! SO sweet of them to present this to me and totally unexpected! AND..thank you Steve Crawley and your son in law for the beautiful job you did with this gorgeous award. It is exquisite, (Boy is it BIG and HEAVY!) 
BIG thank you to all that HSS staff does, to my endearing friend Adele and to Mark. They gave me the choice to either hang it up on one of our walls at home or allow them to have it showcased at the Humane Society of Sedona's on one of the walls in the lobby. Everyone thought that Tom and I should take it home tonight so we did. After I take a few photos of my award with our Poodle Kiddos Kami & Harry, (my writing muses and heart of hearts), I have chosen to take it to HSS for them to put up in their lobby. This song is from the animal's voice of wanting to go home so I am overjoyed for it to hang in their lobby. 
Thank you again HSS for the opportunity to serve you and your mission for dogs & cats in my own way. and ...well...I'm overwhelmed with gratitude! (With me in this photo is Joanne, (Mark's wife), Mark and Adele. 

May 28th 2016

​As we start this year's Memorial Day weekend I am reminded of all of those who have served to keep our freedom in tact here in our country. Regardless of anyone of our political views, disputes, our cultural differences, one thing is clear, we who are USA Citizens are grateful to those who not only served our great country and who currently serve, we are grateful to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  

My father served in the Air Force, my father in law served as a SeaBee in WWII, my husband's brother served in Vietnam and my brother in law served as a cyrptologist for Seal Team 6 and was in the Marines AND the Navy. Each of these individuals did their part and I personally appreciate each of them deeply. 

Memorial Day is that time when we get to remember. Besides the fun picnics, get togethers and the day off from work this Monday, I'm going to take some time to sit, be still and remember what this holiday represents. It's easy to bitch and moan about this and that when it comes to all that we are upset with in America and it is because of our freedom that we can do this openly. In order for us to have that freedom, many individuals gave their lives to keep that in tact. 

Happy day to all of you. May you enjoy this weekend while taking a bit of time to do all that you've got planned with gratitude.

​Blessings always!

Welcome to my blog!

Sept. 9, 2015

Hey welcome to my FIRST blog entry on my new website! Fall is here and so is tourist season! YAY! I adore this season and look forward to it every year! I just picked my first homegrown tomato from my very own garden and it just reflects the harvest of nurturing gardens as well as projects! Exciting times! AND I'd be remiss if I didn't thank one of my bestest friends and co-horts Al Comello for showing me how to build, edit and get around my own website. It's because of Al that I'm creating all of this by myself and having a BLAST doing it! Thank you Al!  Visit his very cool website where you'll also see Sedona 24/7 on his webcam SedonaWebcam.

Happy to report that the 1st Annual In the Living Room Music Festival I co-produced with my singer songwriter buddy Gary Simpkins was a success. TWENTY SEVEN talented artists who gifted their time & talents..that's NINE concerts from 11am to 8:30pm. We were on time with every 15 minute break for set up and tear down. It was a frickin' MIRACLE! Ha! Thanks to some wonderful volunteers, good pre-production meetings and Rev. Janet Kingsley of CPL Sedona, the venue that hosts the weekly Wednesday night In the Living Room Concerts, it was a smooth drama FREE, lovely experience! BIG thank you to everyone and all of you who attended! 

I'm writing a TON of new music & lyrics and soon I'll be heading into Star Tracks Recordings to record them for my new CD. This one is going to be completely different too, I don't wanna give too much away. I will say that I'm feeling the pull for a fresh new approach to these particular songs that I'm writing now - something acoustic is all I can really tell you cause I'm not sure yet myself how this will all unfold musically. I'm debuting a new original at the Humane Society of Sedona's Turquoise & Tails Fundraiser Gala at the Enchantment Resort on Sat., Sept. 26th. Tom & I will also be emceeing that event and if you want to be there, visit their site - HSS.

In the meantime, I'm rehearsing for the third 6 Sunday run of the fabulous production, A Woman's Hand penned by one of my creative partners Dev Ross. You can make your reservations now by visiting the Blazin' M Ranch website. Dev and I are co-producing this show and we're both in it with two other fine actresses, Tricia Greer and LaToya Lewy and another actress, Michelle Lambeau, who is our swing..(if you don't know what that means..that's an actor who amazingly knows ALL of the roles and fills in IF need be.) and a terrific accompanist who is the amazing award winning Music & Drama teacher at Mingus High, James Ball. This is truly a TERRIFIC show and I'm so proud to be in it and co-producing this fine production!  Don't walk - RUN to see it!! 

You can make reservations now. Just click on the link above in this paragraph. 

On top of all of this, my performance schedule is full of all kinds of shows for private parties, company parties, solo concert performances, Diva concerts and shows with my amazingly talented husband/partner Tom.  All of the variety is GREAT FUN for me!

Tom and I are performing our Holiday Show at Relics Restaurant on Friday, Dec. 4th at 7pm. You can make your reservations now by calling 928.282.1593. 

I'm also all of the sudden swamped with acting, voice and performance students. This is fulfilling in SO many ways. OH..and check out the Experience Yourself Women's Retreat that I'm co-facilitating with my creative partners, Bonnie Wirth & Pamela Cushman. This is our third and last Sedona retreat for a while so for those of you gals interested in this, NOW is the time to register. Our next November retreat will be held in Calgary, Canada! SO EXCITED about THAT! Right now we have a "Girl Friend" Special running through Sept. 30th so take advantage. We also have a special three part tele-call that the three of us are doing called "Body Talk." There's much to check out on our site so again, please feel free to take some time to take the full tour of it!

Speaking of touring ~ we Dynamite Divas, (Susannah Martin, Jeanie Carroll and I) are going on tour in January 2016!! This is the same tour that Tom and I did although we had 29 performances of our show in March 2008. We Divas will enjoy 13 performances in January in and around the Phoenix and Tucson area.

I'm going to make more entries here a bit shorter and will do my best to not compose only press release like blogs. This is pretty new for me so bear with me. Thanks for taking your time to read and until next time, show up BIG, have FUN and GO for your dreams!

Dec. 24th 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of you!

Tom and I JUST finished our annual cookie run around town! WOW-WEE!! I bake 'em,

(home made chocolate chip Toll House cookies), plate 'em and then we pack 'em up and head to give them to folks who we thank for their service such as the unsung heros of the Post Office, Water Dept., City Sewer/Utilities Dept., Police & Fire Depts., local newspaper and a whole list of individuals that we appreciate. Got one more batch to make which will make it SIX this That's a LOT of cookies, lemme tell ya! AND..I really enjoy baking them up and it's SO much FUN to watch the faces light up with joy when we hand them their plate of warm home made cookies. It's a complete JOY for both Tom & I. SO worth it!! 

Tomorrow is Christmas and may your day be filled with all that you enjoy in life with a reminder that it CAN be like this every day. Yeah..I know, easy to say..and let's give it a GO anyway!!! 

As 2015 comes to a close in a little more than a week, it's a reminder to intend for great health, happiness, joys and CREATIVITY!!!

My Christmas & New Year's wish for ALL of us, (yes, I'm including myself in this!), if for all of us to follow our greatest dreams with intentions for ALL the very best in which life offers and then some! May each of us be in our best health, feeling joyful, shedding our light wherever we go and for the manifestation of our positivity & creativity bountiful! So much so that we draw to us doing what we love to do and making extremely good money doing it! YAY!!

While we await this new year, let's enjoy some good wine, a cup of nog or a clear glass of delicious drinking water cheering each other for another year of learning, expansion, golden opportunities, good deeds and a job well done! 

​Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each of you!!!