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Shondra ~ Actress, Comedian and chameleon of Characters

An alumni of the Juilliard School of Drama in NYC, Shondra continues her acting career of 39 years of stage and film experience.  Her more current credits include leads in musical comedies such as Nunsense I & II, Suds, 37 Postcards and dramatic leads in plays such as A Woman's Hand, The Business of Murder and Talking With.

​Shondra is an Improv artist & writer who's created her own cast of over the top characters. Whether cast in a show as a character written for her, a play or musical transforming into one of her own characters, she is true chameleon who disappears into her roles and delights her audiences.

  Promotional Video for Strip Tease Falcon (with Dev Ross)

Dynamite Diva Concert at the Creative Life Center

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Emmy Lou Dolly Lorretta South teaches the Buck'd Off Shuffle.

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Improv Pre-Show ~ A Woman's Hand in the Copper Saloon.

"Batrina" interviewed by Sandy Moss on  AZ-TV Channel 7 

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